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Chivalry Skin Care for Men Giveaway

by Nicole on April 1, 2013

Jamie and I got the information about the Chivalry Skin Care for Men line and thought the premise behind their flagship product, Soap for your Nasty Parts, was great! Just think about it! The line of products is a good one and Jamie was excited for them to come.

Body Wash: A man like you is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. That’s why you need a body wash that will eliminate odor and leave you smelling like a true gentleman, not like your girlfriend’s rose-scented bubble bath.

Multipurpose Moisturizer: To be used after showering for maximum effect. While other moisturizers leave your skin feeling greasy, this never will. Never clammy, always smooth.

Soap for Your Nasty Parts: You just cleaned your junk with the same bar of soap you used on your face? Let’s keep those parts separate. Your underworld deserves some special treatment. Our unique formula combines walnut shell and aloe vera to dig deep, scrub out odor and give your region a smooth and clean feel. Get ready to transform your junk into jewels.

His favorite is the soap hands down.  It’s like a clear gray soap so it’s easy to keep it separate from the soap you use to wash your face! He now has 2 bars of soap and can’t believe he ever just used the one! The body wash is also a favorite of his, he likes the smell and says it lathers well.

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I received the same prize as the winner.  All opinions remain my own.

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