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Dogs Love SmartSticks and SmartChips and Giveaway

by Nicole on April 29, 2013

The demand for high-quality, rawhide-free chew treats continues to grow since “Smart” pet parents know it can be unhealthy to give dogs rawhide chew treats. Responding to the high demand, SmartBones by PetMatrix, announced the addition of SmartSticks and SmartChips to its rawhide-free dog chew treats product line. Similar to the original line of SmartBones, the new products are made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients and are perfect for the four-to-five out of 10 consumers who prefer not to feed their dogs rawhide.

And, since keeping pets healthy is paramount, SmartSticks and SmartChips contain a special vegetable layer that is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help supplement daily nutritional requirements. In fact, these treats offer more nutritional benefits than standard chew treats because rawhide treats offer very little nutritional value. In addition to health benefits, SmartSticks and SmartChips are easier on a dog’s digestive system compared to rawhide treats. Both products are 99.2 percent digestible, which reduces the potential for intestinal blockages – a problem that can occur when dogs swallow large pieces of rawhide treats.

Both products are available in Chicken and Peanut Butter flavors at fine pet stores around the country and at

My brother has two dogs that love treats but one of them might have allergies to regular rawhides. Plus, when his dogs eat rawhides, they sometimes swallow large pieces which can be unhealthy and lead to complications. When I got the PetMatrix Smart Sticks and Smart Chips, I instantly thought of them. These dog treats really look like rawhide but are made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients and are rawhide free. What is also great about these PetMatrix products is the special layer fortified with vitamins and minerals for that added health kick for your dog and they are more digestable than rawhide. The dogs love them more than regular rawhide and my brother is already ordering his next batch of these new treats from PetMatrix.

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