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Fight Germs with The Amazing Mat

by Nicole on April 1, 2013

Because of the dogs and the rainy season starting in south Florida pretty soon, I double up on my floor cleaning this time of year.  Thankfully we have tile and not carpet but it’s still a pain to clean the floor all the time after all of the dirt brought into my house! Enter The Amazing Mat!

The Amazing Mat is not an ordinary rubber, fabric or grass door mat. It is constructed of separate layers of specially designed clear “sticky” sheets that collect dirt and germs when stepped on. When the top one gets dirty, simply peel it off (along with the dirt) and expose a new sheet. The mat is safe and easy to walk on for adults, children and pets.

A hard plastic 25″x31″ mat is the foundation of the Amazing Mat system. It comes in a variety of designs and has a non-skid backing so it can be placed on hard surfaces or carpet. The sticky sheets attach easily on top and create a cost-effective means of keeping your home clean and sanitary.

The Amazing Mat is such a neat premise.  I have mine right outside of the door from my garage into my house and it has been a lifesaver! When it gets dirty I peel it off and there is a brand new one right there.  It really holds a lot of dirt and the different designs are so much fun!

I received The Amazing Mat for review. All opinions are my own.

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