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Your Second Carry-On

by Nicole on April 1, 2013

I am thankful that I have never personally needed to use any travel insurance I have purchased but I have several family members who have had emergencies that required them to use their travel insurance so I fully understand the benefits of it! It is usually not very expensive and you never know when it will truly help and make a difference in your life!

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I commissioned the ideal “second carry-on” that encompassed the favorite features of the bags I have used in the past. It is small enough to be considered a second carry-on that could accompany a roll-aboard suitcase or fit in the overhead bin of a regional jet, but large enough to accommodate a four day weekend’s worth of clothes.

I love this bag! It truly is the perfect second carry on.  I traveled with it recently and actually put my purse inside of it along with toiletries and some other items and also had a roll-aboard as my other carry on.  It was perfect and I wasn’t questioned at all as to the size of it!

I received the luggage for review. All opinions are my own.

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