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05/14 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: Bags, Bags, Bags

by Pennie on May 14, 2013

I am of an age when it was pretty normal for most young girls to learn to sew, at least some.  I used to make a lot of clothes for myself, but not any more.  Cutting out patterns is just too tedious and it hurts my back to bend over for so long.  The thing I never learned from my mother was her ability to cut out the pieces of a dress or top or pants without a pattern.  It makes sense that she could, since at some point in time there weren’t patterns and she was an older mom, but it impressed the heck out of me.

Anyway, I do still sew occasionally; I’ll be making some dresses for my granddaughter, I also do craft sewing and sewing for around the house.  But one of the other things I keep saying I’m going to make (I even bought material and cut out the pieces) but haven’t yet, is a casual bag for the summer.   Some sort of sling bag or hobo bag in nice summery colors, blues and greens like the ocean or oranges and yellows and pinks like the sun and flowers.  Below are some of the shapes I like.  Just click the picture to get to the originating post:




I love Pinterest! I spend too much time there, but I enjoy it so much!

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1 Lauralee Hensley May 14, 2013 at 9:48 pm

I burned out on making bags after a church I used to belong to made over a hundred for a teen missions thing. They were big heavy bags we made so books could be carried in them by college or high school students in another country for a gift when teens shared the gospel. I wasn’t a teen, but one of the ladies who helped make the bags and helped purchase a lot of the material for the bags. I was also in a quilt thing at the time, where we made quilts for kids that were in a facility for violent children that couldn’t live at home due to sometimes criminal activity. All that sewing really burned me out after about a year and a half. Yet I do have some stuff cut out at home, like curtains for the kitchen and two twin size quilt tops, that I do need to sew for my own home.

2 Blessie Nelson May 16, 2013 at 9:16 am

these bags look handy and environment friendly! I am not pinterest savvy – don’t understand all the hype about it!

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