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Smooth Skin with Schick and Edge Giveaway

by Nicole on June 12, 2013


Schick Hydro5 Disposable is a first of its kind disposable razor backed by the technological innovations of the Schick Hydro brand. Featuring 5 blades, a hydrating Gel Reservoir that lasts up to 2 times as log as ordinary lubrication strips, a Flip Trimmer and an ergonomically designed handle, Schick Hydro 5 Disposable hydrates skin throughout each shave, has Skin Guards to reduce irritation and feels like a brand new disposable each time!


Guys want technology that fits their own unique needs. Until now, all power razors have been the same…Introducing the new Schick Hydro Power Select™ razor! Now you can customize our best shave for your skin! It’s the first wet shave razor with custom power proven to reduce irritation*. Three vibration settings (Low, Medium, High) allow seamless adjustment throughout the shave to find the most comfortable level of vibration for the skin. And like all Schick Hydro® razors, the Schick Hydro Power Select™ is built to help give back the hydration many razors can strip away by hydrating throughout each shave.


Edge Body Recharge™ is a non-foaming formula, infused with replenishing moisturizers and soothing aloe, that helps reduce irritation and gives advanced skin protection for smooth, healthy-looking skin.


ULTIMATE ACHIEVER: Get more out of your shave with this moisture-rich, performance-enhancing shave gel equipped with six necessary benefits in one simple shave. With a citrus and mandarin scent, it gives you a freshly-showered smell.

Jamie had a ball trying out these products! He loved both Edge products but thought that the Ultimate Achiever was his favorite.  He said the smell was great and he loved the lather and how it made his skin feel.  He preferred the Power Select razor as he is not a fan of disposables.  He did say though, that for disposables the Hydro5 were excellent and he would definitely be good using them while traveling etc.  He thought the Power Select was compact and light but worked really well!

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I received the same prize as the winner.  All opinions remain my own.

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