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Happy Fourth of July!

by Pennie on July 4, 2013


The Fourth of July is the pinnacle of summer celebrations.  There is fun, sun, family, friends, music, food and fireworks!  If you’re really lucky there is also beach or a swimming pool involved.  There are festive decorations and parades.  There is time off from work (hopefully) and time to loll around and enjoy the summertime magic.

I hope you are out there having as much fun as possible, while being safe.  Here in NC, it is legal to purchase and set off fireworks.  It’s kind of exciting yet scary.  When I lived in the Boston area, it was great to go into town and hear the Boston Pops Orchestra and watch the fireworks display going off over the Charles River.

Here though, anyone can set off fireworks.  There are already firecrackers going off all around the neighborhood.  I’m sure lots of kids are having a great time.  There are a few though, who I’m sure aren’t enjoying it.  Specifically, my two furry babies are very unhappy.  When the firecrackers first started up, there was much barking and a trip outside to investigate.  But that quickly ended when the noise continued and they ran back inside to hide.

Now they are under my desk as I sit here typing, curled up on my feet.  A rare occurrence to be sure.  But it’s making my Fourth even better knowing that I am their port in a storm!

Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend and the rest of summer – it’s the best time of year!


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1 Maralea July 6, 2013 at 8:46 pm

Fireworks are lots of fun, but you are right, not so much fun for our furry friends :( Hope your 4th was enjoyable!

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