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New Products from Gerber and NUK and Giveaway

by Nicole on July 4, 2013


NUK and Gerber have been trusted household baby brands for such a long time! It’s great when reputable brands like this come out with great new innovative products and that’s just what they’ve done!

The maker of the #1 selling orthodontic bottle and pacifier, NUK®, has long been the leader in developing scientific and innovative products that promote safe and healthy development for infants and toddlers for more than 55 years. This year, NUK® and Gerber® unveil their LATEST product innovations, including orthodontic pacifiers, bottles, oral cleansing products, cups, tableware and accessories. From oral care and development to breastfeeding and bottles, below please find the NEWEST NUK® products that offer a comprehensive solution for achieving a healthy mouth and healthy habits for life.

Backed by over 55 years of developing products to foster happy, healthy smiles, NUK® Learner Cups are specifically developed to help your baby easily transition from a bottle or breast to a sippy cup. The spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout. With specially designed easy-grip handles and vibrant, colorful designs, you and your little one will love NUK® Learner Cups.

NUK® 10oz Learner Cup (MSRP: $6.74)
For children who need a larger learner cup but aren’t ready for a sippy cup. Fun, bold colors!

Gerber® Graduates® is proud to introduce a new system of advanced sippy cups to help ease the transition from bottle or breast to cup for your little one. The ergonomic handles combined with vibrant designs make each and every cup a special one. All cups are BPA-free and come in leading designs. They feature Seal Zone™ Technology which guarantees cups are 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof. Gerber® Graduates® sippy cups promote safe and independent drinking and are created specifically to support your child’s age-specific development needs.

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Soft Silicone Spout (MSRP: $4.97)
· Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
· Angled handles – easier and more comfortable for child learning to drink
· Unique transitional spout

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Insulated Cup-Like Rim (MSRP: $4.97)
· Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
· Unique “U-Shaped” rim design teaches child to drink from a regular cup. Bite-resistant rim

Gerber® has been trusted at baby’s table for more than 80 years. Today, Gerber® Graduates® offers a full line of BPA-free tableware that helps parents teach toddlers how to feed independently which fosters independence and self feeding. Gerber® Graduates® utensils and tableware are designed with little hands in mind. The bowls and plates are thoughtfully engineered to meet the development skill level of your little one.

Gerber® Graduates® Toddler Snacker (MSRP: $7.97)
· Set of three interlocking containers with lids are perfectly sized for toddler snacks
· 100% spill-proof containers fit most cup holders
· Perfect for parents on the go!

Gerber® Graduates® PlateMat™ (MSRP: $7.47)
· Use as a plate or as a placemat
· A safe, clean eating surface anytime, anywhere
· Rolls up for on the go but always lays flat

Baby M is the perfect age for these items.  She is starting to eat solids and trying to feed herself more.  She is using sippy cups and some work better than others.  The best item from the group is the Gerber placemat.  It’s perfect for babies and toddlers and lets you bring a clean surface wherever you go! When we eat out with her we just unroll it and she instantly has a clean surface where she can eat from! It’s the little things that mean the most! The toddler snacker is also perfect for giving your child snacks on the go.  The advanced development cups are best for toddlers and the learner cup is great for a baby who needs something intermediate before doing the sippy cup.

I love that Gerber and NUK have such a range of products for all developmental stages.  They have literally thought of everything with this selection of products!

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