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09/17 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: Apple Pie

by Pennie on September 17, 2013

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down the teeniest bit here in NC, I begin to think of my favorite Fall activity, eating apple pie. I like your basic apple pie, with a mix of apples or just Cortlands, which are sweet enough and hold their shape.  I like Macintosh but they get too soft for me and Granny Smiths, which are always recommended, are too tart.  As a backup I like a Golden Delicious.  But I’m sure everyone has their favorite mix or variety of apple.  After all these years I have yet to perfect a good pie crust, but I keep trying.  In the mean time, I use the refrigerated Pillsbury or the frozen Oronoque Orchards (deep dish).  Either works for me.  Since most classic recipes are basically the same, I thought I would point out ones that I like the looks of.  Then I’ll throw in a couple of surprises!

This Apple Pie recipe originated at America’s Test Kitchen but was adapted by Smitten Kitchen (one of my favorite blog names!)  Love the look of the lattice, but non-lattice instructions are also included.


Here is a recipe for Deep Dish Apple Pie from Laura’s Sweet Spot.  She’s got a great tip in here for throwing in some graham cracker crumbs on top of the bottom crust to help soak up the juices and keep the bottom crust crunchy.  I’m going to try that!


This recipe from Annabel Karmel (via Lil Sugar) is supposed to be An Easy Apple Pie Recipe For Kids.  Look for the instructions in a link in the text on the right.  Pretty, right?


Here is an Apple Pie with Streusel Topping from Recipes We Love.  This leads me to confess a conundrum.  One of the reasons I like pie is pie crust.  We fight over pie crust in my house, even if it’s store bought.  But I also really like a good streusel topping.  But my daughter just doesn’t like it as much.  So sometimes…I’ll make a streusel topped one so I can have more pie for me.  There, I said it.  I feel better now!


Now I’m not sure how a Butter Crumble Apple Pie differs from a streusel pie, but I love the look of this one from The Country Cook.  Doesn’t it look wonderful?  It kind of looks like little dumplings on top.


Now here is one that will totally appeal to my daughter but not to me at all.  From The Artistic Farmer is this Caramel Apple Pie.  It looks fantastic, but I’m just not a caramel kind of gal.


I’ve never made this next type of apple pie and I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten any.  Yet as I read the recipe for Dutch Apple Pie on Savory Salty Sweet, I wanted to jump up and run to the kitchen to make one!


Here’s a good twist that I would really enjoy, but is probably not for everyone.  Something Swanky created the Baked Brie Apple Pie.  It looks amazing.  I love baked brie with fruit and I would definitely include the pecans.  And it’s interesting that she dices/cubes the apples instead of slicing them.


Here are two recipes I wish I could tell you about but I can’t.  I love the look of them and want to know more about them, but the first one is in Italian and second one is in Polish.  Here are the linked pics.  If you speak either of those languages and can translate, please post the recipe in a comment!


This next one kind of brings to mind a beignet. From Beyond Frosting is the Deep Fried Apple Pie Bite:

BeyondFrostingThis last one I’m just going to put out there, because you always find interesting things on Pinterest.  Things you might not think of on your own, or maybe you would but you don’t tell others about.  Featured on by Julie Van Rosendaal is Apple Pie with Bacon Lattice.  Just Because.

Bacon-lattice-pieThanks Pinterest, for making my days a little bit brighter!



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