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Getting Things Done

by Pennie on October 17, 2013


It turns out that getting things done in my life seems nearly impossible.  I’ve got my list of chores that I need to do, the list of things I want to do and the list of items I should do. In a better world, my lists would be short and easily accomplished.

But then there is the real world.

Where there are dogs or cats or kids waylaying me when I start to do something.

Where I have bronchitis for the second time this year.

Where I have to change my schedule to mesh with my daughter’s plans for me.

Where there is animal toys and kid toys everywhere.

In my dream world there would be a place for everything and everything would be in its place.

Everyone would be happy and healthy and helpful at all times.

There would be no dust or muddy paws or muddy shoes.

There would be an abundance of time to accomplish anything I started, so I wouldn’t have to put everything away and pull it back out to restart a project because of interruptions.

All clothes would come out of the dryer with absolutely no wrinkles.

The dishes would transfer from the dishwasher to the cabinet by themselves (perhaps by some sort of conveyor belt process).

I would sleep well every night and wakeup refreshed and prepared to take on the world.

I would have more energy and less aches.

In that dream world, I am also 4 inches taller, so I can reach everything on the upper shelves.

Since I don’t see that growth spurt happening anytime soon, I guess I will stay here in the real word.  Where I get drooly or sticky hugs and smooches all day long.  Where my dogs are so happy to see me (even if I only step out of the house for 15 seconds) that they come running to me wagging their tails in delight.  Where the cats shed all over me when they sit in my lap.  Where I occasionally trip over a toy that one of my grandchildren had a great time playing with that day.  Where my lists of to-dos are long, but my list of special moments is even longer!


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1 SHERI GENNILLE October 17, 2013 at 10:05 pm

i would love to be taller too! the time i have gotten to spend raising my daughter is priceless, i would not trade any of it for anything in the world. a smile, a laugh, a wet hug (she swims, so i get these a lot), they are my joy.

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