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Interactive Learning with the Leap Motion 3 D Controller

by Nicole on October 13, 2013


Looking for a technology product to make learning more interactive? Try the Leap Motion Controller!

The Leap Motion Controller is the new 3-D motion-control technology that opens new doors to interactive learning by letting users control computers with natural hand and finger movements. Teachers around the world have purchased Leap Motion Controllers for their classrooms, and at $80, it’s also an affordable way to provide enrichment at home this school year.

Leap Motion comes with Airspace, an app store with access to educational apps for all ages across a variety of subjects. Here are a few examples:

Early Education
· Curious Kids – Explore animal sounds, practice counting and even play the piano
· TVOKids Caterpillar Count – Help your child learn to count with by guiding a caterpillar around the screen with their finger to collect numbers in sequential order

· Google Earth- Soar above the cities, mountains, rainforests, and oceans on Earth, or discover new sights on the moon and Mars
· Nokia’s – Fly above 25 world cities – from Barcelona to Vienna – with a tiny paper airplane

· Cyber Science – Learn how the human body works, pull apart and put back together portions of the body
· Frog Dissection – Examine 3-D models of organs (no formaldehyde required!) and experience the lifecycle of a frog
· Power of Minus Ten – Learn about the structures of key cells, proteins and molecules of the human hand

· AirBeats – Capture your natural air drumming movements and play in a variety of styles, with different kits and patterns
· AirHarp – Reach out to pluck and strum a virtual harp, with quick access to a variety of musical scales
· FingerTapps Piano – Tap out classic compositions on a virtual grand piano or electric organ, with play-along instructions to guide you through each song

The Leap Motion Controller can be purchased at any U.S. Best Buy store or online at

Noah was so excited to try out the Leap Motion Controller and it didn’t disappoint! The actual unit and the packaging are super sleek and modern and Noah and I had it up and running in just a few minutes.  How cool to be able to control your computer by gesture only! The product is fairly new and their app store is ever growing.  We got a few of the apps Noah wanted like Google Earth and Air Beats and I kept hearing exclamations of “cool” and “neat” as he navigated through it all.  I love technology that allows us to experience something in a new and different way and that’s just what this Leap Motion does!

I received a sample to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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1 June S. October 14, 2013 at 9:40 am

(Interactive Learning with the Leap Motion 3 D Controller) Wow! This is a really nice controller, I would like one for our home. Have never heard of this product before.

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