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My Kmart Halloween Reveal

by Nicole on October 30, 2013

2013-10-30 16.35.19

 Tomorrow is Halloween! This month I have been showing you how to shop for Halloween at Kmart! They have a huge selection of Halloween products and you’re not too late! You can still head over to Kmart and stock up on candy, costumes and goodies to decorate your house with! We LOVED these pumpkin decorator kits.  They have pieces that you stick in the pumpkin a la Mr. Potato Head.  I love decorating pumpkins without all the mess! We had a good time doing this and I love that we can reuse them in years to come!

2013-10-30 16.56.50

 Our new front door had 2 hooks in it already so decorating it was easy! I added our personalized Halloween sign and then these 2 cool spider webs.  I think they make the door super festive for the holiday!

2013-10-30 16.56.57

 Here is the display for the pumpkins we made.  The small dog one is my favorite! These definitely set our house aside from the other houses on the street and already we have had several neighbors asking how we did it!

2013-10-30 16.57.20

 The lit up garlands around the pole add a nice touch of color and the faux spider webbing was fun to set up.

2013-10-30 16.57.31

 More spider webbing in the front yard.

2013-10-30 16.57.53

 This is the view of our front yard decorated for Halloween! Our new neighborhood has a lot of kids and most of the houses are decorated but many have stopped to ask where I got my decorations and I’m happy to tell them Kmart!

2013-10-30 17.03.40

This is our dining room table decorated for Halloween.  The large pumpkins change color inside and there are small votives inside the smaller pumpkin.  I love having a festive table like this for Halloween! Thank you Kmart for helping me get my new house ready for Halloween!

This post has been sponsored by Kmart. All opinions are my own.

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1 Maralea October 30, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Your decorations are super cute! I love the pumpkin faces!

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