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Triple Step Toward the Cure

by Pennie on October 5, 2013


About Triple Step Toward the Cure

Triple Step Toward the Cure is a non-profit organization founded by three women whose lives have been personally affected by triple negative breast cancer.  Triple Step Toward the Cure seeks to raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer by:

Educating the public about triple negative breast cancer and supporting efforts to discover the cause of the disease, viable treatment options, and a cure;

Encouraging women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer as they battle the disease by providing emotional and financial support; and

Empowering women at risk for the disease in underserved communities to be proactive and make informed decisions to ensure optimal health and wellness.


Understanding Triple Negative Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is not one disease.

Rather, it is a group of many different diseases each defined by combinations of receptors. Receptors receive signals from the body that instruct cells to carry out specific actions. The cells of the normal breast respond to the  female hormones estrogen and progesterone and   these hormones instruct the breast cells to make milk, for example, in the setting of pregnancy. When breast cancers develop, many times the cancer cells retain these estrogen and progesterone receptors. About one third of the time, however, breast cancers develop and have lost these receptors (estrogen receptor (ER) negative and progesterone receptor (PR) negative). HER2 is another receptor present in the normal breast, but in approximately 25% of breast cancers it is present in excess amounts (HER2 positive).

Triple negative breast cancer is a subtype of breast cancer that lacks all of these three important receptors that are used as targets for cancer treatment. These receptors are important because they reveal where the cancer is most vulnerable and help determine how to best treat it. Since triple negative breast cancers lack the presence of all three of these receptors, this subtype of breast cancer is more difficult to treat and more likely to recur.

Who is at Risk?

Triple negative breast cancers can occur in women of any age, race or ethnicity. However, triple negative breast cancers tend to be more common in women of African, African-American, Caribbean, and Hispanic descent along with young, pre-menopausal women, and women with BRCA1 mutations.


Pink Embrace is totalbeautyshops’ campaign to support National Breast Care Awareness Month.  Triple Step Toward the Cure provides both general and financial support through their Community Resource Program for women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and their families.  Check out the products there to lend your support to this great campaign!


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1 Kristy S October 7, 2013 at 1:49 pm

It is important to share National Breast Care Awareness Month. Years ago breast cancer was not something that was really talked about unless you personally knew someone that suffered from breast cancer.

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