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11/5 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: Rainbow Loom

by Pennie on November 5, 2013

Sometimes you come across things on Pinterest and you realize you have totally missed something that is going on in the world.  It may be big or it may be small but regardless it has escaped your awareness completely.  This week Pinterest has brought to my attention Rainbow Looms something that I have absolutely never heard of.  Now I do have to admit that I think I have seen the little rubber bands that it uses, but truthfully, I thought they had something to do with braces (I never had them, so what do I know?).

Now just to catch you up, in case you are as clueless as me, a Rainbow Loom is the white peg thingy in the kit below from  It is relatively inexpensive and comes with everything you need to get started.


Now I sort of get the impression that these are the current incarnation of friendship bracelets.  From Baceletmakrr on Instructables is How to Make the Basic Rubber Band Bracelet.  Pretty basic and she gives you all the steps to make it.

BasicIf you couldn’t quite follow those manual steps here is a very nice young woman from PenguinCreatives on YouTube demonstrating the same bracelet:

Then there is something called a fishtail bracelet.  Here are a few examples from Learning Express in Madison:


And Ashley Steph is going to demonstrate how to make a fishtail bracelet for us.

Loom Love shows us that there is also a Double Band Fishtail.


And they also let us know there is a 3 Pin Fishtail bracelet.  (Each of these has a tutorial video with it.)

3pinFishtailEmzDesignz on Etsy will be happy to sell you a Zippy Chain Bracelet:


Now there are other things you can make besides bracelets.  From Kreates Kards are these pretty spiffy Pen Covers!


Also from Loom Love is this pretty realistic Action Figure!  I want to know how he doesn’t unravel!


Maybe when my granddaughter gets a few years older than 10 months, I’ll be able to impress her with my Rainbow Loom knowledge, thanks to Pinterest!

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1 Mary November 26, 2013 at 12:35 pm

Thank you so much for sharing my Rainbow Loom pens on your blog. I have had so much fun making them, and to date have made over 100. They are great for small gifts, a thank you, OR if you have anyone that has problems gripping a pen because of arthritis or chemo treatment etc the pens work well for them too. One note too that may be helpful to others: Rainbow Loom Brand bands are latex free. I haven’t found any other brand that is. Love their quality and choice of colors too.

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