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Everyone is Sick – AGAIN

by Pennie on November 21, 2013


You would think that after some period of time a cold/cough/sore throat/bronchitis/whatever (allergies are in there as well) would just give up and go away.  But no.  That is not happening with me.  I’m pretty sure this is going on two months now.

The rest of the family has been sick off and on during this time frame, but never as bad as me, except for now.  Both my grandchildren have the most disgusting mucous laced coughs I have ever heard coming out of tiny little bodies.  I won’t even bother to tell you about the runny noses except that my granddaughter has the strength of a kung fu ninja when trying to get away from a tissue.  Where as my grandson has no qualms about using anything other than a tissue as a tissue.

My son-in-law is coughing and sneezing, running a fever and generally being pitiful as guys usually are when they get sick.

My daughter is the most well among us which means she is catering to the rest of us, running herself ragged.  You can see where she is going to end up.  In bed, feeling miserable.

Next week is the start of the holidays, and it is also my daughter’s birthday.  I hope we live to enjoy it!

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