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Tiggly Review

by Pennie on November 9, 2013


Tiggly Shapes are a new style of toy that interact with an app on your iPad.  There are 4 shapes, circle, square, triangle and star, that are a good size for small hands to hold and manipulate.  Tiggly has 3 apps that you can download for free to use with the Shapes.  They are Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiggly Draw.  Each has its own special creative purpose that is fun and engaging.

When we first got the shapes, I had to entice my grandson to come and play with them because he already has his favorite games that are more advanced than these (he is on the high end of the age bracket for the Tiggly Shapes), but once I got him engaged, he basically pushed me out of the way and took over!  Having a physical thing that interacts with the iPad really intrigues him.  He started out with Tiggly Safari, where you place shapes on outlines to create different animals.  You can do this in a farmyard, a jungle and in the ocean.  He was very interested to see a couple of triangles and circles become, for example, a mouse.  He really loved the ocean animals, which were more complex and just different from what a small kid is used to seeing.

In Tiggly Stamp, there are a couple of scenes to choose from and you use the shapes to stamp on the scene and the app creates a picture.  In the Winter Scene a circle might become an igloo or and ice-skating penguin.  My grandson went wild stamping stamps on top of stamps on top of stamps (boys!).  In the scenes you can move the objects around or remove them (because you never know what the shape stamp will be!) to create a scene that you can save as a picture or use to create a movie!

Tiggly Draw is very cute in that you use the shapes to create faces and then there is a tray across the bottom with eyes, mouths, head gear, legs, etc., that you can add to faces to make your own creatures.  My grandson created some pretty silly looking  creatures, with multiples of everything (again I say boys!), but he had a great time doing it.

The Tiggly Shapes have been a great success with him.  Since we have had them, he has played with them multiple times everyday.  My 10 month old granddaughter is also interested, but right now she is just using them as teething rings when she can get her hands on them!

Each of the apps has a parent section that explain what the app is about and how to use it and how to best inspire your child with it.  The shapes are nice, solid feeling with a colored coating on them to keep them from harming your iPad.  They definitely work even with a screen protector on your device and interestingly they are designed to work best the way a child would handle them, a little off kilter.  So setting the square a little skewed down on the dotted line on the screen works better than lining them up directly!  A great insight!

Not only are these fun and encourage creativity but they will work well for children who need to work on there motor skills.  I hope over time they will develop some more scenery for the Safari and Stamp app that could be downloaded, but that is my only wish list item!

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