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We Took The Onion Crunch Challenge

by Nicole on November 25, 2013

indexWe took the Onion Crunch Challenge this weekend! I have written about Onion Crunch before and we use it on top of baked potatoes, in salads and pretty much everywhere! It has a deep onion flavor and a terrific crunch!

Fried Onions Have Crispy Onion Flavor: LOEB’S ONION CRUNCH® is a crispy, fried onion topping made from onions that are naturally low in carbs, low in sodium with no cholesterol and 0 grams of trans fat. Made from 100% real onions they are a great addition to your favorite foods and recipes.

Add to Hot Dogs, Salads, Pizza & More. Onion Crunch® fried onions are a crispy, crunchy condiment for your favorite hot dog recipe, hamburger, soup, salad, pizza, potatoes and more. For an extra crunchy taste try Onion Crunch® with your favorite onion soup recipe, onion dip or green bean casserole.

Low Fat, Low Sodium, No Cholesterol & 0 Grams of Trans Fat. Onion Crunch® contains 0 grams of trans fat, has low sodium and no cholesterol, so sprinkle on as much as you want. You might get two bottles of this crispy, crunchy, onion topping to use on all your favorite recipes. Yes, these crispy, crunchy onions are that good! It’s the Crunch you will Crave.


2013-11-23 15.26.37

 We bought the ingredients for classic green bean casserole – canned green beans and cream of mushroom soup.  I don’t like to add anything else to mine except the onions inside and then on top as well.  We were sent the Onion Crunch, the French’s onions and the Fresh Gourmet Crispy Onions.  We usually buy the French’s so I was excited to see what everyone would like best.

2013-11-23 15.31.11

 I decided to make 3 small casseroles and label them A, B and C and have my family do their own taste test then vote.  The recipe is super easy.  Just combine the green beans with the canned mushrooms and some of the onion topping.  Bake until bubbly then sprinkle the onion topping on top and bake for 5 more minutes.  A was the French’s onions.

2013-11-23 15.33.18

 B was the Onion Crunch.

2013-11-23 15.35.03

C was the Fresh Gourmet Onions.  I took them all out of the oven and they smelled delicious! A and C looked very similar and B (the Onion Crunch) was darker with smaller pieces.  About 6 of us did the challenge, we are all green bean casserole lovers! Right away a few of the testers said they loved B.  A couple said A.  4 out of 6 thought B was the best and remarked that it had the most onion flavor and was the crunchiest! 2 of the testers chose A and said they knew it was the traditional French’s they were used to.  The 2 that didn’t pick Onion Crunch said they really liked the Onion Crunch but went for what they recognized and were used to.  I’d say that Onion Crunch was definitely the winner!

I received a sample to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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