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3 Weeks Until Christmas!

by Pennie on December 5, 2013


I told you I was feeling a little cheerful about the holidays this year.  Well I’ve been acting on those feelings already.

I have a little artificial Christmas tree put together with some lights on it and a few ornaments and a garland.  When my grandson came downstairs and saw it for the first time he said, “I can’t believe it, it’s so beautiful!” Kids are so wonderful.  They have such a awe struck view of the world.  He got really close to one of the ornaments and said “look at that silly Bubba!” when he saw his reflection.  It really made me smile.

One of the quirky things about me is that I startle very easily, so I really rather have my back to a wall than exposed to a room.  Unfortunately, my present desk setup is directly opposite that.  As a precaution against people sneaking up on me, I have a little mirror mounted up beside my computer monitor to keep people from giving me a heart attack.  At this time of year the added benefit is that while I sit here and type, I can just look up and see the reflection of my tree.   I really love looking at the lights.

I’ve already bought a present for each person in the immediate family, not huge things, but something that I hope they will like and enjoy.  Now I have to gather up all my wrapping paraphernalia to do some lovely packages.  I make packages that people don’t really want to open because they look too good.  And I enjoy doing them.  It’s one of the times I feel really creative.

Last year I made some beautiful Christmas cookies with my daughter, this year we are going to get my grandson involved.  His fine motor skills leave a little something to be desired, but his enthusiasm is overwhelming.  I imagine the cookies are going to be covered in frosting that is thicker than the actual cookie!

I’m not quite sure what my granddaughter thinks about the whole thing.  She seems to like the lights on the tree, but they appear no more special to her than any other shiny object.  I was a little worried about her toppling over the tree as she is starting to walk by pulling up and holding onto objects, but she hasn’t reached out to hold onto it yet.  We’ll see what happens in the next 3 weeks.

There are still things to do and I’m looking forward to them all.  How is your preparation going?

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1 Yona December 8, 2013 at 3:11 am

Tree is up. Some decorations are up, but I still have to get some materials for the handmade wreath that I make every year.

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