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Social Media Needs A Big Pink Eraser!

by Pennie on December 8, 2013


That’s why BackPeddle was created!  If you, or more likely, your kids, have ever posted a status update or picture that they later regretted then you really need the BackPeddle App.  On Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you can delete your original post, but if the people who viewed it shared or saved it, it will live on forever and you have no control over that!

BackPeddle is the mobile social platform that let’s users have complete self-determination over their online photos. It enables users to share in the moment and edit after the moment. It allows users to take back the stupid thing they posted the night before, or, at the very least, the picture proof that it happened. It gives users their very own edit-me “do-over” button.

BackPeddle is a social self-editing safety net that gives users control over their shared visual content. It provides users comfort and freedom knowing they will have a second chance to make that often-pivotal first impression.


BackPeddle is the social mobile platform that gives you complete control over all your social media. BackPeddle allows you to choose how long your photos, videos and texts live online by setting a customized expiration date. Delete Whatever, Whenever from Wherever through out social media. 

Not only can you delete a post after the fact but when you post to the social media sites through BackPeddle you can set an expiration time on them.  So, when the post expires, all posts across the internet expire.  This includes reposts and retweets.

You are also protected from screen grabs.  To view the message post via BackPeddle, two fingers must be on the screen at all times. If you take even one finger off the screen, the message will immediately disappear.  Therefore, no one can make a copy of that crazy photo and inappropriate pic you posted. So when you delete it, it’s really gone!

A lot of thought was put into this app to let you be way more in control of your online presence than you are today.  I definitely recommend for kids and teens and adults who just can’t control themselves!

BackPeddle is currently available for mobile Apple devices, but they have an Android version in the works.

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1 Sarah L December 8, 2013 at 6:46 pm

That sounds very useful for most people. I am very careful and don’t post anything very often and I double check it before hitting send.

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