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A New Cat!

by Pennie on January 23, 2014

Well, enough time has passed that my daughter decided it was time to get a new cat.  Part of the decision was for her, but part of her decision was for Roscoh, her second cat.  After Beebert died, Roscoh had been wandering around the house, trying to figure out what was wrong.  Beebert was always the alpha cat, and Roscoh just fell in line.

So after a few weeks of that, my daughter decided it was time.  She and her husband went to a couple of shelters looking for another boy cat.  There were many cats in the running, but in the end they decided on a FEMALE cat of the Seal Point Siamese persuasion.  And her name is Chloe.  She is quite lovely, and about the same age as Roscoh.  She is pretty ok around him.  But she came right in and established herself as alpha cat.

She started out with a few swats and hisses, then some taking over his favorite spaces.  Eating out of the cat food bowl first.  Sleeping with my daughter.

So now poor Roscoh is back to spending time with me and the dogs.  Most of the time.  But the two of them have established crazed cat olympics.  They run up and down the stairs, around the furniture, jumping up on the backs of chairs, crashing into walls and knocking items off the tables.  Lots of time they do this in the middle of the night.  In and out of my bedroom, across my bed causing the girls to wake up and start barking. It’s wild and funny and it makes me think that Roscoh is going to be ok.  As will my daughter.



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