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Pump up Your Online Security in 2014

by Pennie on January 13, 2014

CaptureAs a techie, I have tons of online accounts and everyone of them has a password.  Some are more secure than others, but I try to be super safe with anything important.  But really, I should be super safe with all my accounts.  Because once one of your accounts is hacked, it’a just a hop, skip and a jump until that hacker has enough information to determine what other online accounts you have and an idea of what you might use for a password.

That’s why is incredibly important to have really secure passwords.  Passwords that are long enough, that don’t include things like your birthdate or your favorite food, or anything that can be found in a dictionary.  And you shouldn’t repeat them.  You should have a different password for every online account, because when you repeat passwords across accounts you are just begging someone to hack you.

So what do you do if, like me, you have a skabillion accounts?  How can I keep all those passwords unique and memorable and secure?  Unless you have total recall memory, I don’t think you can without help.  And by help, I don’t mean having your browser save them nor never, ever writing them down.  Remember the scene in “Ferris Bueller” where he is sent to the principal’s office and while sitting there, he gets the current password for the school system by scanning the piece of paper the admin has taped to her desk?  Don’t store your passwords in obvious places!

So this year, I’m going to get more secure online.  This is where Master Lock Vault comes in.  Not only is it a great tool to safely store your passwords, but it is also a great tool to help you create the most secure passwords possible.  Within the Vault you can enter generic online account info and enter the password.  Add some keywords to help you remember which account you are talking about.  Then you can save the entry.  But before you do that, hit the red button:

CheckStrength You’ll find out immediately how weak or strong your password is.  And if it’s weak, Master Lock Vault will generate a strong one for you!  Then all you have to do is save it in the Vault, and update your online account with the new, strong password!  And when you can’t remember that password, you just have go into the Vault to retrieve it.

Master Lock Vault works not only on your desktop but on your mobile devices as well.  Just download the app from the iTunes or Google Play and your passwords are accessible where ever you go.  We have so much of our lives on line these days, make 2014 the year you pump up your online security!

Nicole is a member of Master Lock’s Live Secure Safety Squad. She receives occasional compensation and products for our participation but my opinions are all my own.

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