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The Start of a New Year

by Pennie on January 2, 2014

When I was a kid, the year 2000 seemed like it would only come in a science fiction story.  As an adult, the Y2K challenge (as a software developer) sort of over-shadowed the actual beginning of the year 2000.  A decade later, there was a lot of discussion around whether we would say 2 thousand ten, or twenty ten for that year.  And now it’s 2014 (I say 2 thousand fourteen).  Time seems like it is playing tricks on me.

When I was a teenager I thought for sure that I’d never live to be 30 years old.  This year I will be twice that.  How could that possibly happen?

I have a full grown daughter and not one, but two grandchildren.  The youngest turned one yesterday, January 1st.  Her first year can’t already be over, and yet it is.  How does time do that?  Especially when I still feel like that teen who would never reach 30.

Well, I feel that way mentally at least.  Physically is a whole different story.  So for that reason, combined with two active grandchildren, is why I decided to make one resolution this year.  And I haven’t made any resolutions in this century, or years before that.

This year I intend to get more active and eat as well as I would have my grandchildren eat.  I want to be a positive role model for them and be around to see them become the healthy adults I wish I were.  I’m starting small with these intentions in the hopes that I can follow through with them for more than a month.  So, doing some walking and eating less ice cream.  That seems reasonable, right?

How about you?  Do you have some goals for this year?  How do you intend to obtain them?  Share with us and before I forget, Happy New Year!

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1 Sunnymay January 6, 2014 at 7:44 pm

I have goals, yet started my get healthy journey at the end of October and got even more serious with a new diet in December. It’s a High Protein, Eggs and Green Veggie diet and so far have lost 15 and a half pounds. I also want to get more organized and have flip top storage boxes to fill.

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