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2/18 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: Sewing?

by Pennie on February 18, 2014

I titled this Sewing with a question mark, because the first thing that caught my eye on Pinterest was a sewing project.  Maybe I’ll stick with sewing today or maybe this will become a hodgepodge of items.  Only time will tell!

The title of this pin is what caught my eye.  (And the absolute adorableness of the little guy in the picture). Easiest Baby Pants to Sew, Ever.  That’s quite a statement, so of course I had to check it out on the website of Me Sew Crazy.  They are up-cycled from men’s polo shirts.  Jess didn’t include a tutorial, but linked to several existing tutorials on other sites.


This is all in Chinese (I believe), so all I can tell you is follow the picture guide to learn how to sturdily hand sew on a button from


From The Shabby Creek Cottage is this tutorial on grommet top curtains.   I love this style of curtain because it moves so easily across the rod!


From Wonderfully Awkward is a tutorial for the…”wait for it”…Fastest, Easiest, Pillowcase Ever!  PRETTY!


From See Kate Sew, is a new 3 Button Hoodie from an old oversized sweatshirt.  Or as she calls it: Sweatshirt Liposuction!  I really love this and am going to tuck this away to try in the future, when I have all that FREE TIME!


From Nancy Zieman (who I’m sure you have seen on TV or her face on sewing books), is Absolutely the Easiest Way to Sew a Zipper.


Mrs. Frugal Franny has inspired me to try one of these: The Perfect Road Trip Pillow:


This is a very clever craft ideas and one that I will make many times once my daughter sees it.  (Some story about me losing/eating/tossing/stealing all the kitchen towels – don’t believe a word of it!)  From Pin.Sew.Press are these Stay Put Kitchen Towels.  If they work, I’m pretty sure magic is involved!

Stay put kitchen towel title picHere’s a great idea for a reusable item (I hate using and throwing out plastic bag).  From Jane of all Trades is this tutorial for a Super-sized Snack Sack!

SnackSackI really like this Simple Card Wallet tutorial because I have several of these that I bought.  I don’t like having to lug a big ol’ wallet around when shopping, I just need something simple to have a few cards and dollars in that I can slip in a pocket.  Thanks to Trillium Design, I can whip up a few (dozen) of these in every fabric that appeals to me.


If you (and your bag) are as unorganized and me (and mine) then you really need to make some of these Pockets to Go from Atkinson Designs.  Unfortunately this is a pattern for sale instead of a tutorial.  But if you’ve seen the inside of my bag lately, you know I should buy it!


Every day should have a couple of hours designated as Pinterest time.  Think of all the items we could make!

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