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CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula Helps You Eat Your Favorite Foods Without Worry

by Nicole on March 21, 2014

Ok….so let’s talk about gas. Not the most pleasant topic but everyone has it and everyone wants to not have it so it’s definitely a worthwhile conversation when you find a product to help! CharcoCaps does just that!

We all have trigger foods that cause gas. For me, I LOVE cabbage but it doesn’t love me. This week was St Patrick’s Day and while I am not Irish I LOVE corned beef and cabbage. It’s one of my all time favorites but I often stay away for fear of how it will affect my digestive system.

This year I had some CharcoCaps on hand to try out. Here is my plate:

Looks delicious huh? Well it tasted great and I am happy to report that after taking CharcoCaps I didn’t have any issues!

CharcoCaps Anti-Gas Formula is a unique, safe, naturally gentle dietary supplement that absorbs and eliminates intestinal gas and bloating through the use of an active ingredient called activated charcoal. No worries though – it’s not like taking a piece of charcoal you use in the barbecue grill! You just take two of the capsules during or after eating gas producing foods. I took them preemptively before I ate since I knew the cabbage would cause me problems but you can take them at the first sign of discomfort as well.

Activated charcoal is often used by hospitals to combat accidental poisoning since it prevents absorption of poisons. Please note that CharcoCaps is not to be used for accidental poisoning, I just wanted you to understand how useful it is and how well it works! CharcoCaps are gluten, dairy, and sugar free.

You can win a $250 gas giftcard and a 36 count carton of CharoCaps! 2 winners who answer the mandatory question correctly will win! You can enter from now until 12 pm eastern on Monday, April 21, 2014! Learn more on the CharcoCaps website.

You can buy CharcoCaps at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and most other major U.S. retailers.

For all the latest information on CharcoCaps®, visit

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a 36-count carton of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula dietary supplement. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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