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Nerdfighters: John and Hank Green

by Pennie on March 20, 2014

A couple of months ago, I stumbled onto a video by John Green.  I was going to say I don’t remember how, but now that I ponder it a bit it was because I subscribe to the Upworthy feed on Facebook.  (Upworthy’s motto is: “Things that matter, pass ’em on”.  I really enjoy hearing about things that matter.)  But to get back to my initial theme, Upworthy is where I believe was initially introduced to a vlog by John Green. The content was not meaningful to my reaction to the video.  The vlog was fabulous and John Green was super awesome.

Since then I have been watching John’s videos on youTube on a far too constant basis.  It turns out that John is a writer of young adult (YA) fiction (for which he has won many literary honors) and he has many interesting things to say about stuff that interests me.  I developed an attachment (disorder?) to John because I think he is pretty cool.  And because he reminds me of a long term friend, Paul, in both looks and speech pattern, and one of the reasons Paul is my friend is because he also has very many interesting things to say.  (So I’ll blame part of my new attachment to John on transference from Paul.)  Anyway…

John has a brother Hank and the two of them created a video series on youTube called the Vlogbrothers.  I believe this started out as a daily video conversation from one brother to the other to increase their communication (they live states apart) but has settled down to about twice a week.

Hank is a science and music guy and the two of them have set up a whole channel of different subjects on YouTube.  I’m not YouTube savvy, so I’m going to be using the wrong terminology but hopefully you can follow me along.

John and Hank have the Vlogbrothers where they talk to each other once a week (in less than 4 minutes or punishment is handed out) about various and sundry things.  There is Crash Course where currently Hank is discussing Psychology and John is discussing Literature.  There is/was also a Crash Course in US History and in Chemistry and some other subjects as well.  There is something new called The Art Assignment which features John’s wife, who for the longest time was only referred to at the yeti (apparently she was never see in any of his videos), as opposed to the Katherine who is Hank’s wife.

Now there are other people who have seem to be associated with John and Hank and have their own YouTube show like the SciShow, The Brain Scoop, and Sexplanations among lots of other things.  So, from one little video that I watched on Facebook, I have now spent hours and hours (and hours!) watching some wonderfully exciting and enriching and interesting videos that I would never known had existed if I had not clicked that one little link.

I heartily encourage you to check these guys out.  They are totally fabulous and yet regular guys.  And before I forget, Nerdfighters are followers of John & Hank and John and Hank themselves who strive to lessen world suck.  I kind of like that.  If you want to learn how to be a Nerdfighter view this video and then you too will go around saying “Don’t forget to be awesome!”.


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