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New Easy-Pour Flip-Top Canisters from Domino and C&H

by Pennie on March 16, 2014

In the time it takes to clean spilled sugar, you could pack a lunch or have those highly coveted extra few minutes of “me” time. Now, with the added convenience of Domino® and C&H® Sugars’ new flip-top canister, you can reclaim those morning minutes that matter most.

Available nationwide, the reclosable lid keeps sugar fresh and mess out of the kitchen. The sturdy hourglass-shaped canister is available in Domino® Pourable Light Brown Sugar, C&H® Golden Brown Sugar and Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar (available by Domino and C&H).

  • Pourable Brown Sugar – This free-flowing sugar prevents clumps and hardening, and is ideal for sprinkling over fruit, oatmeal and cereal; try with Happy Apple Topping. Varieties include Domino Pourable Light Brown Sugar (east coast) and C&H Pourable Golden Brown Sugar (west coast).
  • Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar – With finer crystals than traditional granulated, Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar rapidly dissolves in hot and cold drinks, adding a perfect touch of sweetness to beverages such as coffee (hot or iced) and iced tea.

Also, for money saving coupons on the new sugars, check out Sunday newspapers nationwide March 23 and April 6.  (And get a coupon straight from the manufacturer: Domino or C&H!)

Nicole’s take:   I don’t bake that much anymore but there are times I need sugar.  I hate to buy a large bag of sugar since it’s so hard to store it if you only need a little.  These flip top cannisters totally solve my problem! The pourable brown sugar is great as there are no clumps! I used the brown sugar to make a quick baked apple dessert recently and loved how easy the flip top made the dish!
And since every minute in a morning routine counts, try these tips for a frenzy free morning:

  • Why wait til morning? Set up breakfast dishes and cookware the night before for one less hassle.
  • Keep kids on track! To keep mornings moving, play a favorite song and tell the kids they have til the track ends to finish getting dressed or brushing teeth.
  • Dress to impress (the night before) Lay out kids’ clothes the night before (and hey, why not yours, too) to limit time-wasting wardrobe decisions in the morning.
  • Here’s a great way to corral a week’s worth of kid’s outfits at one time:
I received a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions remain my own.

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