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The Card Cubby and Giveaway

by Pennie on March 22, 2014


Have you ever gotten a gift card and when you’ve go to use it, you realized that you left it at home on your kitchen counter top? You are not alone.

According to in 2012 over $2 billion dollars of gift cards are not redeemed a year. From 2005 to 2011, an estimated $41 billion went unredeemed!  That’s a lot of money just disappearing from consumer’s pockets.

While they say that 85% of gift cards are used within the first 60 days of receipt, what happens to the 15% that don’t use them? One of the biggest reasons cited for gift cards going unused is that consumers are forgetting about them!

Majority of those polled said that it’s frustrating to receive a gift card and then for it to go unused. They have options, if they can remember it! There are a slew of businesses devoted to buying up your gift cards at a reduced rate in exchange for cash.

The leader in buying gift cards online, will take your $100.00 gift card and give you $75.00 in cash for its exchange. That’s like taking $25.00 and tossing it out the window!

Or, another option is to remember your gift cards!

The Card Cubby can help you with your predicament and help you save money!  The Card Cubby has space for 40 gift cards so all you need to do is fill her up and put her in your purse. That way you never have to worry about leaving behind your gift cards and you can actually use them instead of losing them!

The Card Cubby is available online and in various retail locations throughout the United States. Search here to see the retailers in your area that carry the Card Cubby! If you don’t see a store nearby, check again soon since we are adding new retailers regularly or mention us to your local retailer.

Nicole’s take:  I am a bit of a giftcard hoarder.  The problem with this is that on any given day I have no idea what giftcards I have and therefore none of them ever get used! I needed a solution and Card Cubby was perfect! I love that they have the cutest colors – I chose a bright pink! It’s so fun and it’s easy to find in my purse! I ove that there are alphabet dividers to make locating a card quickly so easy.  The capacity is large and you can store a lot of giftcards in here! I am proud to say I have started to use my giftcards now that they are organized and easy to find!

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Nicole received a sample to facilitate this post.  All opinions remain our own.

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