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4/1 Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week: FLOWERS!

by Pennie on April 1, 2014

It’s been a little sunny and a little warm for a few days in a row so I’m sure spring is finally on its way.  By now crocus have come and gone, as have iris (depending on where you are) and forsythia should be forecasting spring in New England.  While here in the South East, daffodils have been around for a while, as have forsythia, but it’s been so cold and wet everything else is taking it’s time.  I’m not sure we are going to have the blaze of azalea glory we would normally have for Easter but hopefully not too long after.  Serviceberry trees have turned white, redbud have started to turned their purply-pink and cherry trees have gotten their pink buds.

So let’s just look at some pretty flowers and enjoy!

From Burpee, here are some wonderful little Viola, or Johnny-Jump Ups as I prefer to call them.  I know these can be a little invasive if you are not careful but they are just so darn cute!  And they are edible.  I used them as garnish on cake once and it was lovely!


Kaw Valley GreenHouses has this beautiful Lantana.  I loved these when I was a kid.  A flower that was multiple colors seemed almost magical to me!

6fd2f8a7437446e983c93fe1f7fd380eHere is yet another unclaimed image of a path edged on one side by tulips and on the other by hyacinths.  Isn’t that gorgeous?


Here is a wonderful image of bearded iris from HGTV.  I love how frilly they are!


This image is from Tim Kornoelje on flickr.  Not only is the duel color tulip delightful, but the way he captured it is sumptuous.


Another image from flickr, this one by Elena Kovyrzina of lilacs.  They look so real that I took a big breath in as if I could smell them.  Silly me!

lilacsI like the sheer variability of the flowers we see in nature.  Like these Lilies of the Valley by A1 Pictures.  The delicate little bells with the big, hardy dark-green leaves.

Lily of the valley

Love these ranunculus from Busy Being Fabulous.  They remind me of peonies, which in turn remind me of roses!


Just so you can compare, here is a pink peony by Elena Kovyrzina.  Strikingly similar but different.  Both stunning.

df7c3a8a2f59bffabd619e7233de67daAnd just so you can see what spring should look like, one last image from Middleton Place, Charleston SC, where I spent many an Easter when I was a kid.


I hope you have a harbinger of spring and that you find plenty of it to look at on Pinterest!

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