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Caillou Talking Doll and Giveaway

by Pennie on April 19, 2014


Caillou, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2015, is an award-winning brand that began as book series created by Christine L’Heureux and published by Chouette Publishing.  Caillou is about an inquisitive four year old whose unique way of relating to the world has charmed generations of preschoolers who connect with how he plays, learns and lives. Caillou has consistently ranked as one of the top 10 television series for preschoolers nationwide since its premiere in 2000.

Based on a best-selling series of books, first published in 1990, Caillou is a unique preschool show that presents family and friend life-like situations & settings. Caillou exhibits a familiar sensibility and behaviors that parents of preschoolers can relate to.  Caillou is a curious child who loves to discover the world around him through everyday experiences.  He embellishes everything he sees with his rich imagination.  Surrounded by his parents, his younger sister Rosie, his grandparents and peers his age, Caillou is fascinated by everything around him.  Whether he’s at home, at school or on the playground, Caillou finds opportunities to learn and grow.  The series teaches life lessons that address fear, anger, consequences, loneliness, anxiety and empathy to help children understand those emotions.

Dr. Francoise Dolto, a French psychoanalyst famous for her work with babies and children, inspired the founders of Chouette Publishing, based in Quebec part of French Canada, to create Caillou.  She popularized the concept that children are people in their own right and should be respected as such. Caillou launched initially as a series of books and became a television series.  Caillou represents a 4 year old’s perspective on the world around him.

On April 21 – Caillou and Gilbert will be appearing at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Nicole’s take:  I often watch Caillou with my niece who is 20 months.  She is a huge fan and I can’t wait to share Caillou with my own babies! Talking dolls are great for kids learning to verbalize and my niece enjoyed repeating after Caillou.  We will do anything to get her to talk more and this definitely helped!

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Nicole received a sample to facilitate this post.  All opinions remain our own.

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