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Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. With Goodwill.

by Pennie on April 2, 2014


It’s interesting that Nicole asked me to write about Goodwill and their Spring Campaign because I was just at a Goodwill store yesterday.  It’s a far cry from the stores I remember seeing years ago.  It was super clean, well organized, and well staffed.  Everyone was very knowledgable and friendly.  All clothes were hung neatly by size (except up to 12 months which were in 2 big bins separated by gender).  Shoes lined most of one wall as did books and music and household items and furniture was another wall and corner.  It was kind of like being in a super inexpensive department store.

How did these places come to be?  By the donations of people like you and me.  I recently lost some weight (patting myself on back!) and I went through every item of clothing in my closet and dressers to see what fit and what didn’t (surprisingly I fit into things I hadn’t in a while), but during that process I also washed every stitch of clothing I owed and everything that didn’t fit went either into a discard pile (if not salvageable in some way) or a donate bin for Goodwill!

{Want to assess your clothing personality and learn how to best declutter your closet? Take this quiz:}

I feel so good about having done this that I am ready to tackle other areas of my life.  Goodwill has a #7DaysofSpringCleaning Plan to help you undertake the problem areas.

Goodwill is encouraging everyone to participate, by urging people to focus on cleaning different areas of their home for seven consecutive days.

  • Day 1) Clear your closet clutter
  • Day 2) Time to tackle the kitchen
  • Day 3) Spread holiday cheer (holiday decorations, center pieces, Halloween)  (You have NO IDEA how much Christmas  stuff I have!)
  • Day 4) Downsize your tech toys (used laptops)
  • Day 5) Clean out your office supplies  (I have pens/markers that are at least a decade old)
  • Day 6) Provide quality entertainment (unused movies, video games)
  • Day 7) Downsize your bookshelf

Here is how Donating Stuff to Goodwill Creates Jobs:

There are also a couple of amusing posters that are part of the campaign that rang true for me.  Not that I’m admitting to anything.  But I’m sure there are some ideas here that might resonate with some of you.


I’m definitely printing this for a friend of mine:


All fun aside, Goodwill is a great organization that is doing wonderful things for many people on many levels.  Please find your local store: and help in any way you can.

This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.

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