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A Crisis of Clutter – Part 2 – Continued

by Pennie on August 20, 2014



So now I have a lot more clothes to deal with and for a couple of months they were piled on a table in the corner of my bedroom.  And then it is decided that a friend of my daughter is coming to stay with us for a while.  That meant we had to rearrange the house to open up a bedroom.  A bedroom that had been used for storage and was chock-a-block full of boxes.  (The reason a bedroom was being used is because my house has no basement and I’m kind of freaked out by attics.)

Anyway, the boxes came out and were first stacked up in the corner of my family room, all along one wall, all the way to the ceiling.  But the bedroom was cleared out and prepared for our new guest.  Now I’ve got clothes piled up and boxes piled up and another person in the house.  The stress is beginning to rise – where does the good part come in?

As it turns out our friend is a reformed pack rat.  And has become a neat freak.  As he becomes a little more comfortable in the house, he starts to straighten up a little bit here and a little bit there.  Which feels weird, but ultimately has a positive effect on both me and my daughter.  It’s like he is modeling good behavior for us and we start to emulate him.  Putting a few things up here and a few things up there.  It takes hold a little more strongly on me than my daughter (after all she has 2 little kids to deal with).

One day I tackle the clothes in my bedroom.  They are now all folded and neatly stacked on that table waiting to be put away.  Where I’m not exactly sure, since my closet and dressers are full.  I think that means that I need to weed some more, even though all the items fit, I just don’t have room for them!  Quite a realization.

And those boxes have started to dwindle.  They are certainly not all gone, but at least half of them are and I’m building a pretty large pile of stuff to donate.  Multiple trips have been made to the dump.  While everything is certainly not under control, I’ve made some pretty solid steps in the right direction.

Where do I go from here?…


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1 Cynthia R August 21, 2014 at 4:34 pm

I need to do the same thing throughout my whole house, we are looking for a new house and don’t want to move unnecessary things, need to have a yard sale and drop of the rest at the good will.

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