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Don’t Forget the Energizers!

by Pennie on December 14, 2015

Earlier this year, Energizer launched EcoAdvanced® is the world’s first high-performance battery made with recycled batteries.

A battery made with recycled batteries that maintains high battery runtime? An impossibility for decades is now reality – thanks to Energizer® scientists, breakthrough technology and exclusive partnerships. Introducing Energizer® EcoAdvanced®, the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries and our longest-lasting alkaline.

  • EcoAdvanced® is a win for both the environment and increasingly green consumers looking to balance their love of gadgets with a love for the earth.
  • The batteries not only last longer so consumers use fewer, but by using recycled battery content, they reduce the need to mine for virgin materials.
  • With science as our guide, Energizer® is leading the journey to a future where battery recycling has a positive impact on the environment and will be more broadly available.
  • Innovations such as Energizer® EcoAdvanced® batteries have created a use – and a value – for recycled battery materials (which until today had little use or economic value).
  • By 2025, our vision for Energizer® EcoAdvanced® is to increase the amount of recycled battery material ten-fold to 40%.


Nicole’s take:  Don’t forget to check your gifts to see if they need batteries! I have gotten better at doing this because nothing is worse than giving a gift that can’t be used right away! Of course I buy Energizer, a brand I trust.  These new EcoAdvanced batteries are pretty cool – I love that they use recycled batteries. I try to do everything I can to help the environment and I know that recycling batteries is so important!!

I received samples for review. All opinions remain my own.


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