5 Fashion Watches Under $100

If you wish to walk in style and don’t want to spend too much of your hard earned money, all you need to do is get a watch that not just suits your style, but is also not too hard on your pocket. Currently, a large number of fashion watches are circulating the market providing millions of watch enthusiasts with a variety of not so expensive watches. If your budget is within $100 and you still wish to buy a watch, you need not to worry anymore. There are still many good options in the market that you can choose from. You don’t have to buy expensive watches and feel bad about this investment in the future. There are cheaper fashion watches available on the market as well as lookalike watches (aka replicas). Just make sure you read replica review sites before placing your order for a fake. Below are a few options that you can consider before buying.

Casio Men’s G Shock – The GA 100 – 1A1 Military Series

If you have an active lifestyle and wish to have a watch that accompanies you during your workout sessions or other sports related activities, the Casio men’s g shock is the right option for you. The g shock is not only shock resistant, but is also equipped with a cutting edge anti magnetic structure allowing it to remain unaffected to all sorts of magnetic powers. The all black and solid looking casing of this watch with contrast of white index hands and indicators makes it very appealing to the eye. The price of this one is just around $79 which is pretty affordable for anyone.

Fossil Men’s The Minimalist – Quartz

This particular watch is especially designed for people who like to dress up or are regular office goers. The minimalist is equipped with stainless steel case and comfortable and good quality leather strap. This type of watch goes well with suits, dress shirts and mostly formal dressing. Its sleek design is made to impress. The simplicity and sophistication of this watch does not only make it appealing, but also makes it a must have. The combination of blue, silver and brown gives The Minimalist an overall unique look and you can have it in just $99.

Tamlee Luxury Digital Watch

The feature that makes this watch super unique is that it is equipped with both digital and analog time display. If you’re into bulky looking watches that have stainless steel and are pretty low in price, this is exactly the one for you. The price of this one is just around $23 making it a must have especially for teenagers and young adults.

Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver

The stylish and elegant design of this one makes it look pretty expensive which it is not. Along with the analog time index, users also get to have a digital date display which a very handy feature. The gold plated stainless steel allows this one to stand out in public and the price is just $84.

Timex Waterbury Watch

All those that love the water resistant feature should definitely go for this one. The solid looking stainless steel and water resistant feature topped with a genuine leather band makes Timex Waterbury a suitable watch for everyone. You can have it only $64.


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