Great and Cheap Date Night Ideas

Since starting our journey to financial freedom and frugal living we have been looking at new and cheap ways to save on habits we have. We became so accustomed to eating outside that when we went on Date nights to restaurants it was exactly the same as a mundane Monday evening, except we dressed smarter.

With this we have been looking into date night night ideas that really make a difference. We enjoy saving money and doing things which are cheap. Here is as list of several ideas that are worth trying out.

1. Picnic in the Park. 

This is such a simple idea but once we thoroughly enjoy doing, especially during the summer months. Our idea normally consists of going to the supermarket, grabbing some sandwiches, salad, drinks and driving to a nearby park. There is something great about eating outdoors and enjoying each others company away from distractions. If we are in a rush we simply grab a pizza and beers and do the same whilst enjoying the evening.

There is something great about eating outdoors and enjoying each others company away from distractions.

2. Go Hiking

Hiking can be extremely fun, especially when its part of a date. Have a set start point and destination and try to have food and drinks on the way. A cheap way to combine exercise with dating.

3. Dessert Only

We know that going out can be expensive so we try to limit it is much as we can. With this on occasion we go to The Cheesecake Factory and share a dessert and cut the costs down whilst still having the experience.

4. Biking

If you have a bike trail near your house then this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, have fun and turn it into a date night. Don’t have a bike? There are places in all major cities where you can rent one for a couple of hours.

5. Go To Bookstore

We love going to the book store and reading. This is an easy thing to do and most bookstores now have coffee places. Enjoy a book and each others company side by side. I love the magazine section

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