Planning a Wedding on A Budget

Wedding season is nearly here, we received our first invitation of the year and already so excited to go. With this we have been thinking and researching how to plan a wedding on a budget.

Some friends in Minneapolis recently got married and they managed to get the full cost to less than $15,000 which by all accounts is really cheap for a wedding with many guests. The couple are also as frugal as we are and we asked them about the budget and what to expect. The average cost of a wedding in the US is over 35,000 which is a lot of money for most people and probably one we wouldn’t advise spending.  As they say, it’s always the unhidden costs which end up costing more than you expect.

Remember that a wedding is a time for celebration of your love and not simply to spend money so your neighbours can enjoy it.

From research, many people living on a budget ask for guests, primarily family members to make a contribution to their big day. We personally wouldn’t want to ask people but a polite mention to those closest might save you thousands.

Ask For Assistance

If any of your family or friends are good at DJing or taking pictures then you could save a big amount by asking them to help. Obviously don’t get your wedding pictures done on a camera phone but if your friend is a professional photographer then be sure to ask for assistant.

Other ways to save

See our article on 5 ways to make money on the side which you can do in the lead up to the big day. One of our key rules to anything is that you shouldn’t be having experiences that you have to pay long after they are finished. Make sure you have enough savings to pay for the wedding. If needs must then simplify your plans. We all would love to get married on the beach or in a castle but choose a place that fits your budget and more importantly stick to it.

Lower the Guest Numbers

One of the quickest ways to decrease additional costs is to cut the number of invites you have to the wedding. When each person can cost up to $100, the price can quickly mount. Do you really need to invite your old school teacher or neighbour from down the street? Invite them to the after party when it’s much cheaper.

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