Why We Shop At ALDI – And So Should You

We are always looking for value for money and with weekly grocery shopping costing a big part of our expenses we like to shop around. However we have found a place which is great in all aspects and here is why we shop at none other than ALDI.

Cheaper Than Competitors for Better Produce

Whilst this is not the number one reason we come to ALDI, price is important to us so is a primary factor. The main reason is that the food and products on sale in Aldi is on par and often better than any of the rival supermarkets we used to visit. The premium range of food is also amazing value and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

Great for Organic Products

Surely they don’t sell organic products? Think again, ALDI has a great selection of products that cost much less than rival brands. Whilst they don’t have all the ingredients than a Whole Foods would have, they have all the popular ones:

  • ALDI SimplyNature Organic Light Agave Nectar: $0.34 per oz
  • Target SimplyBalanced Organic Agave Nectar Light: $0.38 per oz
  • ALDI SimplyNature Organic Wildflower Honey: $0.29 per oz
  • Trader Joe’s organic raw honey: $0.81 per oz
  • ALDI organic grape tomatoes: $2.49 per pint
  • Trader Joe’s organic grape tomatoes: $3.49 per pint

Great Own Brand Products

It is a well know fact that many factories produce the exact same products for the summer market and the only thing different is the label. ALDI offer great own-brand products and even give users the option of a full refund if it is not to their liking. This demonstrates that ALDI believe in their products and so do we, especially the Nutella.

Great for Diapers/ Nappies (UK Readers)

For any of you just starting a family will understand, the price of diapers or nappies is higher than we thought. However ALDI are here to save the day These diapers and wipes are hypoallergenic, super cheap, and have great reviews online.

  • Little Journey diapers: $12.49/70 pack
  • Little Journey wipes: $3.49/216 pack
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