Why You Shouldn’t Fly First Class

We are all about the abundance mindset and how if you can imagine luxury and success then you have more of a chance of succeeding. However we are also looking into being frugal and why you shouldn’t spend money on needless expenses. This week my aim is to give your reasons why you shouldn’t fly first class on your next trip?

No Great Deal

If you are flying internally then there is zero reason why you want to pay the extra price just to have more leg room and a fizzy drink. The best services for first are long-haul flights but these are often an extra £1000 just to fly.

Users of reddit recently took to the forum to share the reasons why flying first class might not be as glamorous as you might think.

One user explained that the extras are nice, but only because they are so much better in relation to economy: “Honestly, it’s just okay. It’s not that first class is awesome, it’s that coach is so terrible.

“Thirsty? Have a cocktail. You never have to fight over an armrest. They feed you. When they ask you what you’d like to eat, the attendants address you by name.

“None of these things are outstanding in the regular world. It’s just that flying sucks so much, being treated like a regular human being feels like mind-blowing luxury.”

Price Difference is Just Too Much

The price difference between flying economy and first class is so big that it is often too much to be even close to be value. We have seen flights costing 3 to 10 times the price which we definitely don’t advise people to do.

Same Destination

After all the expense you are all going to the same place at the same speed and arrival time so if you think about it, flying first class is just a gimmick.

Of course if a company is paying for your flight ticket then we are all for it. Also f you have airmiles that need to be used then flying first class is a great luxury.

Save your money and spend it on something that creates memories or even better invest in something that gives you long term returns.

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