How to Invest Savings Smartly and Efficiently?

What is a smart and efficient investment in real terms? Well everyone may have their own definition but realistically speaking an investment with a regular and consistent stream of income can be dubbed as a smart and efficient investment. Whether you are an aging employee seeking a side hustle post retirement or a young investor pursuing your dream ventures, you need to invest carefully. The traditional investments are common stocks, real estate, certificates of deposits (CDs) with banks, and mutual funds with the Asset Management Companies. All of these investments offer a return in the range of 0.50% to 1.30% per annum with transaction costs and commission fees charged separately. The current economic plunge has immensely affected businesses around the globe that has led to shrunk profits in the current year of 2020.

One hallmark of a successful business is its power of sustainability under critical circumstances. Industries relying on obsolete and outdated technologies have been found wanting under the fluctuating economic conditions post COVID-19. Wealth Management Firms invest their customers’ money in high performing stocks; they charge a substantial commission to their clients for their services. The risk with the traditional investments is that if these industries underperform the investors’ return starts declining. Modern technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have shaped the finance sector into a new autonomous industry termed as financial technology or Fintech. The concepts of investments have transformed from a mere rate of returns to smart and efficient investments. Industries accompanied by high-tech tools such as AI and machine learning and evolving and showcasing sustainable growth.

As a smart investor, you should be looking for a Wealth Management firm that offers great value for your money. Einvestment is a wealth management Fintech that provides you a smart and efficient investment option for your hard-earned money and savings over the years.

Some key benefits of investing with einvestment are listed below:

  • Most successful portfolio selection of high-performance industries such as Artificial intelligence, Green Energy, Robotics and automation, and live streaming networks.
  • Offers sustainable growth with high-yield monthly profit rates of up to 4.13%.
  • Risk management expertise with a highly qualified and experienced team.
  • A diversified portfolio of industries eliminates the risk of low profits.
  • The Fintech is part of the Gulliver Group of companies that has a network of international businesses under the ebrand umbrella.
  • Provides tailor made services to the needs of each client.

The einvestment firm is registered and licensed in George Town, Cayman Islands since 2018. Being part of the Gulliver Group of companies based in Lisbon, Portugal, the Fintech has emerged as a strong wealth management firm in a short time. The firm has an EU headquarters in Lisbon for their clients. The Gulliver Group has an exceptional track record of organizing and participating in charity and social welfare works. The Gulliver Group is also the proud sponsor of one of the top football teams; the Sport Club Portugal in Lisbon.

Any successful firm has a success mantra; einvestment has a qualified, industry led, and experienced team behind their fortunes. As an investor when you think of a smart investment option, think of a smart team running the firm. The Steadfast Team of einvestment has developed an investment portfolio of high rewarding industries with well diversified options. If you are an enthusiastic investor, think out of the box; challenge the norms of traditional savings accounts and equity stock broker funds. A truly smart and efficient investment is the one that not only offers high returns on investment but also resides on tech-based modern industry businesses. The notion behind the equity stocks and bank saving certificates is the secured rate of return. In financial terms, lower risk investments return lower rate of returns. A blend of high-yield investments with the risk being diversified through optimum of portfolio mix is the investment option of the future. With a few clicks and no minimum investment requirements, you can start your smart investment journey with einvestment right away!

Post Script: Due to change in policy, the einvestment Fintech is currently not accepting account opening applications from the US-based investors.

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