Creating The Money Mindset

Many of regular readers will understand that we try to focus on the power of the mindset when it comes to money in many of our articles. We believe so much that the money mindset should be developed for everyone. Whether you are starting on the journey of financial freedom or if you are earning a good salary then creating this inner money mindset is so important.

Growing up in a lower income household it was ingrained to us that there was never enough money for things and with this it is easy to follow in these footsteps. Growing up with money so important in our house taking control of money is not something you are taught.

It is important to understand that the universe has laws, the law of prosperity, attraction etc. There are many great books on these and they really do exist. Free your mind and believe in what is possible.

The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

We have a couple of steps which you should think about and try to develop.

Take Control of Your Money. 

One of the biggest feelings towards money is fear, with this it imperative that you remove this fear by taking control of your incoming and outgoings. Living in fear of money is not healthy, the more information you have about your lifestyle the better and easier life will become. Don’t be afraid to discover what you spend your money on, it is not that bad. Money should not be feared, it should be respected and taken for what it is. You choose every day how to spend your income so by taking control and understanding what you do with your share is just as important as any other step.

Set Financial Goals

Having taken care of your fear of money you can then start to budget and determine everything you want to happen. By setting realistic financial goals this is a way to get yourself on track and reach those goals. Having set targets allows for measured approach, which we always recommend rather than just going with the flow.

Desire + Belief = Success

We will be sure to write a more detailed article on the above topics but if you take anything away from this is that you have the control to shape your financial future, it all starts by taking control of you incomings and outgoings. For the female readers here is a great article that has more steps for you to look into. 

We would love to know what stage of the journey you are on in your steps to financial freedom.

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