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We often get asked from readers to give them ideas to what they could do to make extra cash. Most people aren’t entrepreneurs to start businesses but what people can do to earn extra cash is pretty interesting. We have decided to give you a list of side jobs to earn extra cash for the times when you need it most. Remember the emergency fund we said you needed, here is one way to pay for that.

1. Dog Sitting

If you love dogs then this could be a dream extra job. Sign up at to walk and generally look after dogs for a set period and price.

2. Become a Uber or Lyft driver

For those who like driving this could be a great job. The ability to log on and make money as flexible as you are is definitely appealing to many. Uber and Lyftallow you to drive around town and make some good cash.

3. Teach English Online

There are several platforms online that let you teach English for as much as $20 per hour. This is a simple start but requires a degree.

4. Freelance

If you have an online skill such as design or web development then Fiverr.comallows you to sell your skill as a package. This is a great deal, however it is slightly saturated so you need to offer something different to get deals.

5. Food Delivery

If you have a flexible schedule and want to earn some side cash then sign up for food delivery services via your phone. You can deliver food direct to people’s homes and get paid a good price including tips. UberEats is currently the number 1 on the market but there are others just big.

There is no reason not to try something new and earn cash whilst doing it. We have met several Uber drivers that use it to pay for school or for additional income. If you have no time to work extra and need cash then maybe another option is budget and be more frugal. Whatever you choose we would love to hear your comments.

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