A Few Shortcuts Weekly Recipe: Cheesy Squash & Tomato Casserole

When I looked at this week’s recipe from Amanda at A Few Shortcuts the first thing I thought was, “I’d eat that!”.  Cheese, squash and tomatoes, what’s not to love?

Then I read the recipe and discovered that the Cheesy Squash & Tomato Casserole also has Vidalia onions AND bacon.  Then I thought, “Of course, I’d eat that!”.    Sun ripened tomatoes may be the main reason I moved back south.  This is easy prep and another good way to use up the over abundance that is home grown summer squash & zucchinis.  Heading to the farmers’ market tomorrow to pick up some fresh veggies to make this right away.  I wonder how this would taste if you baked it in a cast iron skillet on the grill?

Each week I will highlight one of Amanda’s fabulous recipes. If you don’t have the ingredients or they’re not on sale near you, you could easily print and save the recipes for later use!

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